Girl hands writing on journal, there is a closed macbook on the desk, a glass bowl with green grapes and a cup of black coffee. There is a small bottle that appears to be medicine, it reads magic mind. It is a herbal essence for relaxation.

The Millennial Mom Journal is a personal project that started a few years ago. However, it was not until recently that the project became a blog.

This blog aims to share a millennial working mom’s daily adventures and how to survive them (or fail them… miserably). Its purpose is to share the everyday experiences of a millennial working mother and provide insight on how to survive them — or fail miserably. Through this journey, you can find ultimate Amazon shopping lists for every occasion, honest product reviews, recommendations on reading material, insights into arts and culture, and reflections on life.

The project is open to collaboration with anyone who can relate to being a mom, a young woman or anyone who wishes to share about what it is like to live in their shoes as a contemporary soul existing in the same astral plane as the reader.