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The Working Mom Life: When Work Takes You Far Away from Home

It’s hard to say goodbye, even when it’s just for a week. That was my experience as I waved goodbye to my husband and daughter last week before departing on a business trip. But despite the bittersweetness of leaving loved ones behind, there is something exciting and empowering about going somewhere new on your own. As I made my way through airport security, I was filled with anticipation for what this week would bring – professional growth, time alone to reflect, quality time with my colleagues and even old friends who have long since moved away from our hometown, and the chance to explore someplace different.

My schedule for the next eight days was packed! From attending meetings with colleagues and stakeholders to getting to know the places I visited. I took a few moments here and there to explore the local sites – historical landmarks, popular attractions, and more – as well as take in some of the unique flavors of each place. It was such a fantastic experience, especially when compared to my work routine back home.

The time apart from my family may have been difficult at times, but it was also incredibly rewarding. Being away from them for so long allowed me to appreciate all we have together even more. Plus, I can come back with new stories and experiences to share! Traveling for work can be stressful at times; however, it can also be a deeply fulfilling experience that allows you to explore the world, create new memories and relationships, and gain invaluable professional growth.

If you are taking a business trip soon, don’t let your worries keep you from going. Traveling for work can be one of the most positive and life-changing experiences in your career. So pack your suitcase and get ready to explore!


Lorena Arzamendi

Mom, wife, professional hustler, a jack-of-all trades (or so she says). Besides her 9-5 job in the corporate world, she is a part-time online ESL teacher, a freelance translator, content writer and copywriter. She enjoys reading, writing, and playing video games in her free time.

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