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Simple And Inexpensive Makeup Products With Naturally Astonishing Results

A few years back, makeup had an entirely different meaning to me. Do not get me wrong, I have always loved it, but I did not use it in the way I do nowadays. Makeup used to be more like a mask than a way to enhance my natural beauty. Then, I moved to Europe and my perspective on makeup changed a lot. Here, girls (most of them) tend to use makeup to enhance the beauty they already have, not to cover imperfections. Generally, the use of makeup in Europe is way lighter than in Mexico and the US. I had to learn to accept that it is not a sin to show a pimple, because, when it comes to makeup, sometimes less means more.

I am not saying I stopped using heavy makeup, I still do it a lot, but nowadays I feel more comfortable by just wearing a few products on my skin, I even feel prettier. And that is why I would like to share these products with you. As always, I hope you find this useful.

Disclaimer: This blog entry contains affiliate links, we may earn a commission if you use the links and buy something. Having said that, I would always recommend products that I have used; therefore, these links will take you to what I personally buy for myself.

Fenty Beauty Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick

This product was a recommendation from a MUA I respect a lot. He talked about how amazing this product was, especially in the shade “Sinamon”. He was not lying. The thing I love the most about cosmetics is the versatility. I love to be able to use a product for different purposes, and this is definitely a product you can use as a highlighter, as an eye shadow, or if you just want to add some glow to your skin. It has different shades, and the formula is amazing. You would not regret buying this one.

Tarte Fall Feels Eye & Cheek Palette 

I love a good eye shadow palette, and I love compact palettes, but I adore a palette that also comes with a blush in a beautiful, usable shade. This palette has a perfect combination of shades, you can get a pretty simple makeup look or go all glam. The formula is deliciously soft and pigmented, and the scent is divine. This is a good-sized palette, with a nice formula at a perfect travel size.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara 

If you are looking for a durable high-quality mascara, you cannot go wrong with this one. It contains a great formula that does not smudge and keeps your eyelashes naturally curly all day long. I only have good things to say about this one.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade 

An iconic product with great reputation. This is an easy-to-use product that will last the entire day, it is waterproof and delivers a charming natural look. I have been using this product for ages and I am not planning on switching anytime soon.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Concealer 

This is the best concealer you can get for this price. The formula is great, it covers the dark circles and imperfections, it comes in a wide range of shades, and it has the right amount of thickness. Even if you use it without foundation you will still achieve a fresh and healthy look. This is another product that I have been using for ages. In my opinion, it is the best concealer. Perfect for an everyday look, classic, great quality, and at an amazing price.

With only these five products you can build a simple but pretty makeup look for any kind of situation. We have been told that we need to have a thousand products to achieve one look, which is a total lie. Makeup can be simple and affordable. You do not need 20 palettes, trust me. But, if you wish to have 20 palettes, well then, you go girl!


Monica Violante-Drost

A professional with a background as a language teacher and translator, also a traveler enthusiast currently living in Europe. Loves to recreate make-up looks and discover new beauty products. Her passions are learning and reading.

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