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Six Amazing Amazon Finds That You Will Love

After a very long hiatus, we are finally back. We never intended to take this long but wonderful things have happened in the last six months and life has been hectic with so many things going on. Therefore, because I owe you so much, I have prepared a short-yet-fabulous list of things you should get ASAP on Amazon, you will thank me later!

Disclaimer: This blog entry contains affiliate links, we may earn a commission if you use the links and buy something. Having said that, I would always recommend products that I have used; therefore, these links will take you to what I personally buy for myself.

I will begin with this rechargeable travel makeup vanity mirror, which honestly has replaced my standard mirror in my vanity. This mirror is just so handy and the lightning makes your face look in HD, I can now see pores and freckles I did not know I had! The best part is that it is rechargeable, and it even has three different lighting modes.

Rechargeable Travel Makeup Vanity Mirror

The second item that I am beyond grateful I found is this super-soft microfiber bed sheets set. I swear I cannot believe the price, these sheets are beyond high quality and are much better (and much less expensive) than the ones I have bought in the Pottery Barn store.

Bed Sheet Set

I cannot believe the next product that I am about to recommend but hear me out, it REALLY is worth it. This cute gardening kit is much more than I was expecting, the quality is fantastic and the price has been 50% off for months now, the original price is $37.99 but I bought it for $18.99 and I was quite surprised when I got it in my doorstep. The kit comes with everything you need to begin your gardening journey, and it even comes with a booklet for starters.

Gardening Kit

The next product is something I found while working on my house decorating project, but it will look sensational anywhere. These marvelous vintage light-up marquee letters are so chick and they look exactly as they do in the pictures. The price is much less than you would expect for such a great item, and the lights work wonderfully. I have only bought our last name initial but I am thinking about buying my husband’s name initial and mine, and putting them together with an & in the middle (E&L). It will look incredible on our living room bookshelves!

Letter A with lights

And together with that previous piece of house deco, during my hunt for affordable decorative items for my house, I found this lovely leaf-shaped wooden tray and the price is once again unbelievable. I have seen similar items at Hobby Lobby for over $20.

Wodden leaf-shaped tray

And last but not least, I have something that your little one will love. These realistic glow-in-the-dark star decals are out of this world, they are truly spectacular! These are not your generic hard plastic stars that we all used to glue to the wall with a sticky piece of foam and would eventually come off and hit us in the forehead while we sleep. These are actual wall decals, so they are even easier and faster to install, and they do not come off. Additionally, they do not damage the paint on the wall and they are easy to remove and re-stick to another location. They are normally sold at $19.99 but they have been 30% off for months now and they currently offer a $1 off coupon. I promise your kid will love them!

Glow in the dark star decals for wall

This is all I have for now, there is more stuff that I want to recommend but I will save it for another list in the future.

I promise I will be back soon with some amusing content, but for now, I hope you enjoy these items as much as I do!





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