Three sticky notes each containing the words: work, life, balance, next to them there is a flower bouquet.

Achieving Harmony in the Juggling Act of… Life

It’s mom wisdom, but it applies to all of us: life is a balancing act. It’s like a juggling show, where we toss responsibilities and pursuits up in the air and try desperately to keep them afloat.

As I took my latest hiatus from the blogosphere – this time for professional growth, household projects, and prioritizing my mental health – I’m refusing to apologize for needing a break. Though it might feel like you’re letting yourself down by not meeting a few milestones or completing your tasks on time, your well-being comes first. Being kind to yourself is crucial to survive the daily grind.

Rather than apologizing for taking a break, I’m celebrating the strength and resilience it takes to manage all of life’s demands. We often think of work-life balance as a dichotomy – one or the other – but in reality, it’s more like synergy. It’s never easy, but with mom-level tenacity and determination, you can find harmony between your responsibilities while still carving out time to focus on yourself.

So here’s an inspiring life lesson: don’t be sorry for taking a break when needed. Rejoice in your self-discipline and ability to maneuver life with grace and strength! And remember: mom knows best!

Bye for now, friends. Until we meet again!

Take care of yourselves. ♥️


Lorena Arzamendi

Mom, wife, professional hustler, a jack-of-all trades (or so she says). Besides her 9-5 job in the corporate world, she is a part-time online ESL teacher, a freelance translator, content writer and copywriter. She enjoys reading, writing, and playing video games in her free time.

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