Window condensated due to rain outside. The backgroud is blurry some street lights and big trees can be seen from afar. It is early in the morning, the sky looks just like when the son is coming up.

There Is A Reason Why Many Of Us Enjoy Rainy Days

There is a reason why many of us enjoy rainy days, and I think it might be due to the illusion of time going by slowly, and that is because everything gets interrupted in the middle of a storm.

During a storm, the temperature goes down, the sun hides behind the clouds, and if you were to wake up in the middle of a storm, having no clock around to look at, you would be unable to know what time it is. 

During a storm we stop to see it all, what is happening out there; we stop to smell the lingering wet scent of rain, the petrichor we all love but do not really know why.

And we feel nostalgic, we question it for a moment, and then we let it go. And the reason why we feel this way is because we have longed for this sensation of time stopping for a few seconds, we have waited for it without knowing.

And we look through the window’s blurry glass, from our little corner of the world, and we get lost in the feeling of missing something from the past, we get lost in the thought of a childhood memory perhaps… we get lost for a few seconds while rain gives us the ephemeral gift of stopping time just for us to look around and reflect on anything, everything or even nothing.

Either way, it is still a blissful instant we all cherish with a quiet sigh of sentimentalism.


Lorena Arzamendi

Mom, wife, professional hustler, a jack-of-all trades (or so she says). Besides her 9-5 job in the corporate world, she is a part-time online ESL teacher, a freelance translator, content writer and copywriter. She enjoys reading, writing, and playing video games in her free time.

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